Adventures from Back of Beyond

Friday, February 16, 2007


I don't normally watch C-Span, but it was fascinating watching the House debate last night (February 15, 2007) on the Iraq resolution.

It was live coverage, 12:00 midnight in DC as I watched. The House Chamber was mostly empty. Representatives presented passionate and sometimes personal arguments for and against the Democrat-sponsored resolution, "non-binding" on the President, in support of the troops while opposed to the latest surge in troops.

A couple of Republicans, literally on the other side of the aisle, including Arizona's John Shaddegg spoke in opposition to the resolution. Democrats spoke in favor. One young man, I'd put him in his 30s, a Democrat from Indiana, unfortunately got a little carried away. He was inflammatory and bombastic, but it made fascinating live viewing. I was waiting for fisticuffs.

All of this seems so unnecessary to me. And counterproductive in that it doesn't help the brave men and women over there trying to complete an extremely important mission. We should be giving them all the help, including moral support, as we can.

If you look at the situation rationally, try to get the emotion and political machinations out of the way, it's not so very difficult.

We were attacked on our own soil, plus numerous times overseas, by an enemy who has declared war on us. A military response was justified then most Americans agreed; it still is today I believe.

For better or for worse, we are in Iraq. I do not buy the rhetoric from the Democrats and other skeptics that the Iraqis are "not capable" of a democracy. Of peace. Of unavoidable civil war. At least we've got to give them a fighting chance. We have that moral responsibility.

Our commander-in- chief says our best option right now is the troop surge. I believe him; he has access to the best intelligence, the best advisors. He has the most at stake. He is accountable.

He's also acting on the advice of two people I admire very much -- John McCain and Joe Leiberman.

I say let's give the plan a chance to work. Let's support 100% this mission -- morally, financially, militarily, politically -- every way we can.

The Democratic resolution does not do that. It undermines our objective. It presents no alternative realistic vision for success, or failure. It is utterly unaccountable. I see that as very unfortunate.

What we really need debate on is the best plan. But that's what we elect the President to do, and make decisions on. Let's let him do his job.

Let's give this a chance. If the surge doesn't work, we can always fall back to a safer position, but we may not like the outcome in Baghdad if that happens. It may make Darfur look like Romper Room.