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Friday, September 29, 2006

Biggest baseball hit of all time

This for you baseball fans -- today (9/29/06) the Wall St Journal reports a computer analysis of the most clutch hits of all time in the history of major league baseball. You'd figure this would have to be Bobbie Thompson in '51, Bill Mazeroski in '60, Kirk Gibson in '88...nope, they're all up there, but number one of all time will surprise a lot of people, though maybe not you Diamondback fans.

Number one clutch hit of all 7 of 2001 world series, bottom of the 9th. Gonzo? Nope, even though that won the game. Mark Grace's leadoff single? Nope, that's up there. Counsell got HBP. It was the next batter, who amazingly pulled a powerful line drive down the left field line off of what was (and still is) the best closer in the history of the game, Mariano Rivera...a game tieing double...yup...number one clutch hit of all time was off the bat of little shortshop Tony Womack.

Personally, I was very disappointed when the Dbacks traded him the next season, as I recognized this guy was really clutch when it mattered the most.